Earlham Freedom Fest--July 4, 2019

Miss Earlham Canidates

A Freedom Fest tradition over the years has been to ask seventh grade girls, who wish to participate, to run for Miss Earlham. This is a contest and the contestants sell raffle tickets for prizes, which are donated or purchased with funds raised. The girl who raises the most money from ticket sales is crowned Miss Earlham at Freedom Fest. This sale of tickets by Miss Earlham contestants will fund just about the entire Freedom Fest celebration for our town and neighboring communities. This is an opportunity to participate in a very worthwhile community service project.

This year, three young ladies have taken on the opportunity and are asking for your help to raise funds for Freedom Fest. If you see these hard-working young ladies out and about, ask them what they are up to and consider helping us raise the funds needed to continue with the Freedom Fest celebration. 



Neveah Brown 

Parents: Darren Brown

Grandparents: Bob & Marla Brown, Dave & Dianne Wolf

Activities: cross country, soccer, basketball, track, and showing pigs/wheep

Favorite part about Freedom Fest: fireworks


Fun fact: Nevaeh likes to meet new people!


Karry Goff

Parents: Jon & Konny Goff


Grandparents: Loy Griffin, Keith Griffin (deceased), Rex Goff, Mary Jane Goff (deceased)

Activities: soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball & track

Favorite part about Freedom Fest: getting together with family and spending time at the part (funnel cakes!)

Fun facts: born in Texas and moved to Earlham before kindergarten, named by oldest brother Kelen, worry-wort of the family, loves chinese food, loves animals



Jayne Terwilliger

Parents: Russ & Traci Terwilliger


Grandparents: Rhonda Clark of Webster City, IA, Dianne Springer of Johnston, IA, Kent & Jan Springer of Lake Ozark, MO

Activities: Girl Scouts, soccer, cross country, basketball, swimming, band, chior, swimming, and Youth Group

Favorite part about Freedom Fest: parade & pet show

Fun facts: Jayne is a huge animal lover! 



These hard working ladies will be selling raffle tickets to help raise funds for fireworks and to fund the town celebration. Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased from either of these girls up until the 4th. You do not need to be present to win. If you would like to donate to the raffle prizes please send to: Earlham Freedom Fest, PO Box 463, Earlham, IA 50072. 

Click here for list of raffle prizes